How do we measure the purity of gold?

The carat (abbreviation - ct) is a measure of purity of gold and platinum alloys.

In the United States and Canada, the spelling karat is now solely used for the measure of purity, while carat solely refers to the measure of mass weight. As a measure of purity, one karat is purity by mass:

X=24 Mg/Mm

X is the karat rating of the material, Mg is the mass of pure gold or platinum the material, and Mm is the total mass of the material.

Therefore 24 karat gold is pure (100% Au w/w), 18 karat gold is 75% gold, 12 karat gold is 50% gold, and so forth.


What is KDM with reference to gold?

KDM is a metal known as Cadmium (Kadium). The scientific code is 48 Cd 112.41.

Cd = Cadmium,
Atomic No. 48,
Melting Point 320.9°C,
Boiling Point 765°C.

Some of the gold jewellery in the market has a KDM stamp on it, which means that it was soldered with Cadmium. Cadmium (Kadium, KDM) is used in soldering gold jewellery for liquidity and melting at lower temperatures. However, cadmium when melted releases toxic fumes and affects the purity of jewellery and many countries have banned use of cadmium solder.

Nowadays, Zinc (branded ZNC) solders are used in America as well as European countries for soldering gold. Zinc too evaporates during summer just like KDM. But it does not cause any harm to the artisans. Research is underway for using Zinc as a replacement for KDM.

Zinc is a metal with scientific code 30 Zn 65.38.
Zn = Zinc,
Atomic No. 30,
Melting Point 419.58 °C,
Boiling Point 907°C.


Can I clean my diamond jewellery at home?

Soak your Jewellery in a solution of warm water and some non-detergent mild soap

The best option available to you for cleaning your diamond is to soak your Jewellery in a solution of warm water and some non-detergent mild soap. Now, use a soft brush to clean it gently to get rid of the accumulated dirt. Then dry it with a lint free cloth which will not scratch the Jewellery.


What is the best way to store my Jewellery?

To maintain the luster of your jewellery it should be well protected in a fabricated felt or cushioned pouches.

If you prefer to use an ordinary box, remember to wrap each piece individually in a soft tissue paper to avoid scratches. Never jumble your ornaments in a drawer or a jewelry case, as chances are high for it to get damaged.


Why diamonds are studded in 18Kt. jewellery, not in 22Kt. gold?

22K gold is soft by the nature of its purity.

Hence it may not be able to hold the diamond and chances of diamond falling or breaking claws are more. 18K is generally accepted as the best form of gold for diamond and other stone settings and it comes with 75% purity.


Why does jewellery lose its shine in few days after you wear it?

Diamonds are prone to getting dusty, soiled and smudged just like other objects.

This reduces it’s sheen and beauty, which is why it is important to clean it properly and regularly, as you want it to retain maximum sparkle. Chemicals in the air can even discolor the mountings of your diamond.


Is Platinum the same as white Gold?

No, it is quite different.

White Gold achieves its whiteness when other metals are added to yellow Gold. Platinum, conversely, is white to begin with and maintains its luster permanently. Since white Gold is really yellow Gold with alloys added to it, the alloys tend to wear away with usage. To keep your white Gold jewelry looking its best, you can have it polished and rhodium plated on a regular basis.


What color of Pearls will suit me best?

Almost any color of Pearl looks stunning on women.

However, fairer complexioned women will find that natural peach/pink, natural lavender, white with rose overtones and black Pearls are the most complimentary. For those with olive or tanned complexions , white Pearls with ivory overtones are best. White Pearls with Silver overtones are best suited to darker complexions. This is only a guide, as each person has different tastes and Pearls should also be matched appropriately with clothing and the occasion at which they are worn.