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Dallas Mavericks

Vegas Over/Under: 35.5

The Record Projection: 36-46 of fromal The Bet: Prevent lean over
To be quite frank, I’d recommend leaning no matter in which the line is set for the Dallas Mavericks. And that is for one purpose: Rick Carlisle.
The head coach is a genius in milking talent out of his players, regularly turning castoffs and undesirable bits into quality turning members. He has done year after year, and 2017-18 ought to be different.
Except it is slightly different. Because while this team might be rebuilding throughout the last few seasons of Dirk Nowitzki’s livelihood (assuming the mythical 4 ever chooses to retire), it finally has distinct talent at quite a few distinct positions.
Dennis Smith Jr., Seth Curry, Wesley Matthews, Harrison Barnes and Nowitzki makes for a strong beginning lineup, along with the Mavs can mix and match for Yogi Ferrell and Nerlens Noel around the Ground. That is much more talent and upside compared to the team owned during the 2016-17 campaign, and it moved 33-49.
Seasons from the bits? Barnes using a year of experience in a role under his belt? Smith added for a Rookie of the Year danger to the rotation?
Vegas place the over/under aggressively for this roster, but motives to think they’re sold a bit short still exist.

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