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The USP of Potdar Jewellers is that they have over 150-200 artisans who are well trained in the traditional as well as modern methods of jewellery making. The shop floors are manned by 60-80 well trained staff, who make sure no customer is left unattended. They do not charge any wastage for jewellery made by them. Also, their resale value for particular ornaments like Patli, Bangles, Haras (Necklaces) is the best in the industry.They provide 96% to 100% resale value on ornaments purchased from or made by them. They are also known for working with 23K and 24K gold.

Potdar Jewellers have a large clientale, many of them spread out all over the world. Mementos manufactured by Potdar Jewellers have been presented to the President of India at Belgaum, the Prime Minister of India at Mysore, and many Union ministers at Bengaluru, Chief of Defense staff at Mumbai and North and North East India.

Potdar Jewellers is the only firm to have won a gold medal from Indian Trade board in this area. They also boast of being the third generation of authorized valuers to the government of India. They are the blend of southern and northern jewellery. They are the only platinum dealer in the area recognised by Platinum Guild International, London.

Some of their specialty ornaments include :

  • Shindeshahi Tolas
  • Chinch Peti
  • Tan Mani
  • Tulsi Hara
  • Surya Hara
  • Chandra Hara
  • Laxmi Hara
  • Bore Mala
  • Wanki