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Business Success Suggestion #53 – Time Management – Who’s Winning. You Or Time

Business Success Tip #53 – Time Management – Who’s Winning. You Or Time?

Business Success Suggestion #53 - Time Management -  Who's Winning. You Or Time

You just came back from vacation. You are swamped with projects and e-mails. What do you do to get back to it? Here are some tips to get you back to work after vacation.

Finally, always take these challenges as opportunities to improve your people skills. What can you learn from dealing with that difficult situation? How can you better deal with it in the future? What can you change, to prevent escalation in other confrontations? Make the most of the situation and it will help you in the long run.

Next item on the agenda was to brainstorm, what would it take to make this dream a reality. The wonderful tool I used was called mind mapping. This tool is a freethinking tool that allows you to connect like thoughts and brainstorm. I found the information I needed for this tool on YouTube, and found it extremely helpful.

Numerous industries and sub-industries in the IT world have groups or interest groups that people can join. They could be groups based on specific technologies (e.g. Microsoft SharePoint), based on specific sub-industries (Business Analysis), or workers of a certain region (IT Workers in Chicago). Joining these groups won’t just connect you with like-minded individuals, but you’ll gain access to a lot of information, from both the organisation and the people inside it. This could be a great benefit to your career.

The problem is that people who attend our read the article courses say there are so many meetings that are unsatisfactory. They waste time and money, do not make decisions and are poorly planned – a big error for someone involved in projects!

I never had the stomach to calculate my financial loss, but it’s certainly been in the thousands, not just with this client but with others too. The sum total of my foolish pricing decisions could have funded a respectable CD earning hundreds of dollars in interest over the years.

Introduce yourself to them, question them questions regarding their role, mention you’re considering progressing your job. Ask them for guidance for what you can do to improve your IT career. With regards to the individual, their level of co-operation may vary. Buying them a coffee to talk about it is a big help!

Communicate Your Plan: As project manager, do make sure you share your plan and vision with your team, easy and free! Project teams can make use of online storage services such as Dropbox for storing and sharing MS Project (MPP) files. Dropbox users (2Gb storage for free) can store any type of file in their Dropbox. From their Dropbox, the project manager can send a link, via email, to any of those files including an MPP file. Any project team member, with the Housatonic Project Viewer for Microsoft Project on their PC (free trial available), can simply click on the link to the project file and (bingo!) the viewer launches and opens the file with a single click.

I have a complete project management system that eliminates the errors and omissions from your jobs and really, really works. It put 100K in Fee Income into my business in a year and half with little or no extra effort.