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MMA & UFC Betting Types

Mixed Martial Arts is one in the world, therefore it is not surprising that gambling on MMA, and notably the UFC, is growing in popularity. All the Australian sportsbooks provide a variety of markets for every UFC pay-per-view card. Part of what causes MMA this exciting game to watch is the unpredictability and the way the whole complexion of a struggle can change with only one well-placed punch or even a crazy submission. However this can make gambling somewhat tricky too, so to raise the value and the likelihood of succeeding, it is important to take advantage of the many prop bets available for MMA betting. Below are a couple of of the markets offered by sports books that are major on UFC fights.
MMA & UFC Betting Types
Head to Head –The most straightforward bet kind, a punter should pick against the winner of the fight. The huge majority of fights result in a winner with just about 1.5percent of bouts ending in a draw or no contest.
Method of Victory — The punter need to predict the winner and when whether it is won via KO conclusion or entry.
Double Chance — Similar to method of success, no matter how the punter has to forecast the winner and then has two chances at calling the method (i.e. fighter x to win by KO or from decision). This is very helpful when a fighter has rather little submission abilities and therefore is only likely to win a decision or by KO (and vice versa for a fighter with hardly any KO power).
Rounds — The punter must call if the struggle goes over or under a specific amount of time. For example, if the line is set at 1.5 rounds, the punter must predict whether the fight is going to be completed in the first round, or continue to the second round and beyond.
Generally fights at reduced weight classes, and women’s fights, tend to go longer (and therefore are more likely to visit decision) due to not as knockout power. Additionally fights using a huge skill discrepancy (i.e. a top level grappler vs a top level kickboxer) are far more likely to result in a finish than fights with evenly matched combatants.

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